Canada has good 4G options for iPad users. The data plans are very similar between the various providers and, because of that, the question will really be one of coverage. You may find that the bonuses being offered by the various companies for signing up also sweeten the deal, so these are worth considering when you’re singing up for new service for your iPad.

Bell Canada

Bell Canada has the largest Wi-Fi network in Canada and you get unlimited access to the over 2,100 hotspots throughout the nation. Where data transfer is concerned, the prices are a bit higher, on the average, than they are for US carriers. The plans offered by Bell Canada include:

  • 10MB for $5 per month
  • 250MB for $15 per month
  • 5GB for $35 per month

All prices are given in Canadian dollars.

Bell Canada has an extensive 4G LTE network with excellent penetration into the more rural areas of the nation. They are, of course, present in the major cities, so users located in urban areas will find their service quite reliable.


Rogers offers flexible plans that are designed to accommodate overages. If you go over on the plan that you’re paying for, you’ll simply be bumped up to the next tier for that month. This helps to avoid the surprise—and very expensive—overage charges assessed by many other companies.

Their plans include:

  • $5 for 10MB per month
  • $17 for 250 per month
  • $37 for 5GB per month
  • $21.93 for 500MB per month

You also have the option of getting coverage in the US for one rate, which breaks down as follows:

  • 500MB for $46.93 per month
  • 1GB for $61.93 per month
  • 2GB for $96.93 per month
  • 3GB for $131.93 per month
  • 5GB for $191.93 per month

The US plans with their larger data allocations are obviously intended for business users or those who plan using their devices on the road and having larger data download amounts.

Both of these carriers offer good plans. The deciding factor will likely be your usage habits and how much roaming you intend to do. Rogers gets extra points for basically eliminating the awful overage charges that users sometimes get stuck with from other carriers. Moving up a notch to the next highest level of service seems to be a fine—and very fair—option if someone goes over on their data usage for any given month; not a hard thing to do on an iPad.




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